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The Eugene Backyard Farmer wants to help you create a more bio-dynamic back yard.   Urban homesteading is growing in popularity, and for good reason. A healthy backyard will have a thriving garden. Vegetable scraps are then fed to your chickens and they produce both healthy eggs and great compost. The compost then goes into your garden to continue the cycle.  A more seasoned urban homestead will also have fruit trees which are pollinated by a honey bee hive. We are working hard to bring you all you need to create an urban farm. Here’s a partial list of what we have available:

Chicks: We carry chicks between mid February and mid September. All the chicks we carry are confinement and cold tolerant. We usually only sell egg layers although many of the breeds are duel-purpose (can be eaten in you so choose). We also try to focus on docile breeds so the chickens you get could make great family pets. All of our chicks have been sexed so we believe them to be hens.  This is however not an exact science so we can not guarantee that  you end up with a hen. If you do end up with a rooster, it is critical that you are a responsible backyard farmer. Most cities do not allow roosters and it is important to maintain good relations with the neighbors. If you are not vegetarian and want to be more connected to your food source, butchering the rooster is the best option. You can also try to give the rooster away or find someone that will butcher it for you. What you can’t to is abandon it in a park or out in the country. This is ultimately more cruel then butchering it and will only serve to discredit the urban farming movement.

Chicken Feeds: Our most popular blend is a pellet made just for us. The starter, grower (pullet feed), layer and soy/corn free layer is a sustainable yet affordable way to feed your flock. The mill is certified organic but not all the components are certified organic. It is free of hormones, steroids and pesticides and is mill fresh and in small batches.
For more information visit Union Point

We also carry Scratch and Peck. This mash feed is ultra healthy and extremely environmentally sensitive. You really need to see this feed to understand how very good it is.
For more information visit  Scratch & Peck

We do have other feeds as well as well as several verities of scratch, grit, oyster shell and many other supplements. Many of our feeds and scratch grains are available by the bag or in bulk.

Chicken Coops:IMG_1781 Marie’s 5th Street Townhouse is the name of the coop at the store. This stylish and functional coop will comfortably house 4-6 hens and will look great in your backyard.

The best coop is the one you build yourself. But if you need a little guidance you can buy the plans for Marie’s 5th St. Townhouse. This is the newer version of our original design and is much more sleek and even easier to build. We have constructed dozens of these for customers and have put together plans that streamlined and produce practically no excess waste. Of course if you want to adapt the plans to fit your own needs, you can make your coop taller, wider, longer or whatever works for your urban farm.

Chicken Supplies: Waterers; Feeders; Heat Lamps; Cages & pens; Straw. We simply have all you could possibly need to raise a healthy backyard flock.

Top Bar Bee Hives:  The Eugene Backyard Farmer carries both Kenyan and Warre style Top Bar hives. This all natural approach to raising bees is ideal for the urban and backyard farmer. There are no frames or foundations in a Top Bar hive and the bees are managed by  watching them through the window. Top Bar hives are meant to simulate how a colony of bees would live in the wild.

Beekeepers only go into a Top Bar hive for detailed inspection as well as honey harvest. As opposed to the traditional framed beehives, you may only go into a Top Bar hive once or twice a year.

In addition to four styles of hives, we also have an impressive collection of Top Bar books as well as gloves, hive tools, smokers and all the equipment you need to create an urban apiary.


For more information of Top Bar hives, visit the store or go to the Beeologique web site,








Green Bed: The Eugene Backyard Farmer is proud to carry The Green Bed. This raised bed material is made from a combination of wood fibers and cement. It is non toxic and is breathable. This is the same Faswall material that is used in many of the world’s LEED certified buildings. It will last for 30 or more years and requires no maintenance. And the best part is snails and slugs can not creep up the walls.

For more information on Green Beds, visit the store or go to the manufacturer’s web site


Plants: Veggie starts; Herbs; Extensive seed collection



Also: Garden tools; Gloves; Posters; Books; Gift items, Rain barrels; Composters