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The Eugene Backyard Farmer


Many of us have dreamed of winning the lottery and then moving out to the country to live the simple farming life.  But reality usually sets in and we realize that we live in town for a reason. Urban life offers jobs, schools, arts, shopping, cafes, sporting events and all the other things that makes living a modern life so enjoyable. Yet for most of us, that desire to maintain a connection to the land is still with us.

As Eugene’s premier urban farming supply store, we are here to help you create the best of both worlds.

If you are looking for a definition of “urban farm”, this is what we work with: urban farming is the practice of taking traditional and rural farming practices, shrinking them down to a small and manageable size, then applying these aspects to a standard urban property. All around the country urban farms are growing in backyards, vacant lots, churches, schoolyards, retirement centers, and even on roof tops.

While backyard farming is not a new idea its popularity has grown over the past few years. Concerns about the quality of our food and how food gets to us has forced us to ask a lot of hard questions. Now simply buying organic may not be enough to bring about the type of change in food production that we need. Growing your own is becoming the answer more and more.

What was once an auto repair garage is now growing into an urban farming supply store. The joys and benefits of growing  our own food can be enjoyed regardless of whether we live in the country or in the city. The Eugene Backyard Farmer wants to make urban homesteading as accessible as possible.

We carry baby chicks from early February through the end of August. We also carry ducklings and several breeds of meat birds and turkeys throughout the season. Veggie seeds, starts, seed potatoes, garlic and onion starts arrive at the appropriate part of the season.

The Eugene Backyard Farmer has become the center for all your Top Bar beehive needs.  This all natural way of keeping bees requires little upkeep and is the perfect method of raising bees in a backyard.

Our garden tools, soil amendments and fertilizers will help keep your garden stay healthy year-round.

We are a small store and will take the time to answer your questions. We want your urban farming experience to be as successful as possible so we make the commitment to help you with some of the challenges you might have.

Whether you’re an old-hand homesteader, or new to it and curious, we hope that you will visit.