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With Gratitude, Thank You.

Nearly ten years ago I opened The Eugene Backyard Farmer with little more than a hand full of chicks and some straw bales. But with the help of our amazing community, I was able to grow the store to what it is today.

As much joy (and heartbreak) that I have had running this business, it had become clear to me that I have taken the business as far as I could take it and that someone else should take over. I am happy to announce that there will soon be new owners of the store (expect a formal introduction soon). The hope and expectation are that the new owners will continue to grow the business and continue to be a resource for all your urban farming needs. There is so much more that we can provide and I hope that my original vision will be advanced by the change in ownership.

I have learned so much about myself and about running a business and I thank you all for that. You all taught me so much. I know that I often provided knowledge, information, and experiences and I hope that I have helped many experience the joys of urban farming. I also know that I can be curt and abrasive during times of stress. If you were one of those that were put off by my demeanor, I ask that you give the new owners a second look.

So it is with gratitude that I say thank you.

I don’t know what my next stage of life will look like but I will be committed to the local food movement in the area. Expect to still see me around town.

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