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The Family Farm: Bringing it Home

It has been a wonderful first month at The Eugene Backyard Farmer for me.  I met so many people from Eugene and Springfield that are committed to their backyard farms and gardens.  They are passionate about growing beautiful gardens, raising animals, bringing food from their family farm to their table. I met seniors with a wealth of experience, curious children, and everyone in between.  I have much to learn from you.

Thinking of a family farm may bring images of abundant fields and pastures with animals, or memories of school field trips and visits to family friendly farms in the Willamette Valley.  But I think family farms also exist in our backyards and community gardens, where the labor and the harvest is shared among family, friends and neighbors.

Family farms are more defined by their social and environmental benefits than by their size.  The garden provides an opportunity to teach life skills to children. It can be a vital source of food for families and the community as well as a means to pass on knowledge to younger generations. And if you love to be alone in your backyard farm or garden, I bet it is feeding your soul!

If you are thinking about beginning your backyard farm this spring or want a refresher course, we have a wealth of resources here in Eugene.  Check out the upcoming garden classes provided by Food for Lane County.  We are planning to start classes at The Eugene Backyard Farmer later this year.  When you come in, let us know what you are interested in learning.

In December 2017, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2019-2028 the United Nations Decade of Family Farming. While I may have a more humble concept of the family farm, I think our region is significantly contributing to sustainable growing practices, food security, and healthy diets. We are proud to be part of this growing community.

See you in the garden!


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