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Hay vs Straw

A common question we get at The Eugene Backyard Farmer is, “Do you have hay?”.  We do not generally carry hay but we do carry straw.  What is the difference you may ask?

Hay is generally some sort of grass and is cut and dried to be used as animal fodder. It has nutritional value and is not suited for bedding. Straw is the cut and dried husks of cereal plants. There is almost no nutritional value to straw and is best used for animal bedding.

There are several types of straw. We sell only wheat straw. There are generally no seeds in it but sometimes grass seed can get into it from a neighbor crop. Many people use straw to mulch gardens or grow potatoes. Please be aware that some rye grass could sprout. Pull it right away to prevent the roots from taking.

We have tried to source organic straw but have yet to be successful. If you know of an organic wheat farm in the area, please let us know.
As with any agricultural product, the price with fluctuate with the season. We will continue to keep our prices fair and competitive.

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