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Employee of the month.

Having a cat or two is critical for a feed store.  Fresh chicken feed attracts mice and the store is in the middle of an active rat population.  Sophie and Sonia are working cats who are here to protect the stock.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the cats are such sweethearts as well.  They enjoy playing with each other as well as the chickens and our visitors.   But their primary job description is to catch mice.

Sonia’s first mouse came as part of a training exercise.  I knew we had some mice behind the straw bales so when I got down to the last few, I carried the kittens out side and propped them on a nearby straw bale.  As I pulled the last two bales away from the wall the mice went scrambling.  Sonia caught one right away while Sophie watched the excitement from a safe distance.

Since then Sonia has been a most dutiful mouser and has even caught two rats.  We appreciate Sonia’s diligence and so do the neighbors.

When Sonia is not busy catching mice, she likes to sneak into the coop’s nesting box so that she can pretend to be a chicken.  Feel free to drop by and congratulate our employee of the month.

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