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A Time for Renewal

History shows that gardening can be much more than just growing food and raising animals.

The idea of victory gardens is widely circulating these days. In March 1917, three years into World War I, the United States government encouraged Americans to plant gardens to boost their food rations and their spirits. This patriotic effort resulted in roughly 5 million gardens planted in private residences and public parks. The idea was revived in 1942 for World War II. Again the idea spread neighbor to neighbor, throughout communities, and by 1944 an estimated 20 million gardens had been planted. These historic victory gardens were the response of individuals and families to an uncertain future.

We too are in a period of uncertainty. Our reality has changed and our future will likely be different. We are much more aware of our health, our personal relationships, how we like to gather with others, and the connectivity in our local business community. We are learning new ways to care for each other, to support our families, neighbors and colleagues. We are learning how to be more self-reliant. We are understanding risk and how to be better prepared for the future. Everyone has been affected personally. As the pandemic subsides, we will be grateful for the number of lives saved and our personal and social resilience while we remember all those that have been lost.

Although victory over this virus seems far off, we will adapt. We can think about personal renewal and how we will be stronger and better in the days ahead. Maybe “renewal gardens” can help us put a positive focus on our future. Fresh vegetables and fruits on the table, grown sustainably through our own efforts. We can learn to eat seasonally and appreciate new foods while enjoying physical activity outdoors. We can share abundance with neighbors and friends. Backyard plots, raised beds, flowerpots, and flowerboxes – the effort is more important than the size.

The Eugene Backyard Farmer is rooted in simplicity, sustainability and self-reliance. So are renewal gardens.  It’s spring and time for renewal. 

See you in the garden, 6 feet away!

– Kevin

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