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Pullets for Plaintiffs Auction has Begun

This is Avery and she has been a customer since the store has opened. In addition to being a rocking urban farmer, she is also one of 21 plaintiffs in the landmark climate recovery case supported by our local non-profit, Our Children’s Trust.  Chicken Farmer

Our Children’s Trust is a group that is working to secure the legal right to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate for all present and future generations. They have received a ton of national and international attention. They are advancing the federal lawsuit on behalf of Avery and her 20 fellow youth plaintiffs here in our Eugene federal court, and we want to help them out. 

We are happy to announce an auction we are calling Pullets for Plaintiffs. We will raise 21 birds (representing the 21 plaintiffs) from chick to pullet then auctioning them off. All proceeds will go directly to Our Children’s Trust. We don’t have the space to raise 21 at the same time so we are breaking the fundraiser into three parts.

Our first batch of birds are now two months old and are ready to find new homes. They all eat our locally milled GMO free feed, have plenty of access to grass and bugs, and all appear to be hens.

We have eight total so we are going to auction them off in 2 configurations. Two configurations will be one Black Langshan, one Rhode Island Red, and one Cinnamon Queen (Group 1). The other configuration will be one Black Langshan and one Rhode Island Red (Group 2).

Tell us if you want to bid on Group 1 hen configuration or Group 2 hen configuration and tell us your total bid. Bid by email to


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