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The Eugene Bawk Celebration

Eugene area backyard chickens will take center stage on Saturday, June 30th between 4-7.

The first annual Eugene Bawk Celebration is a festival celebrating our backyard hen’s contribution to urban farming.  This lighthearted event will feature lots of games, activities, live music, food booths, and prizes.

Think you can tell the difference between a store bought egg and a homegrown egg?  Then come on down and play a round of Name That Egg.

Fancy yourself an Emily Cluckinson, Charles Bawkowski, or E.E. Cluckings?  Then you should enter a poem for the chicken poetry contest.

Do you know a thing or two about Chicken Couture?  Then you simply must enter the chicken beauty contest.  We even have a runway, an all-star panel of judges and the paparazzi.

Other activities include egg and spoon races, chicken bingo, and a crowing contest.

There may even be a Flash Flock in the days leading up to the Celebration.  Much of the parking lot will be filled with activities but there is still plenty of parking behind the store and on the street.

Call or e-mail the store so we can get our list of chicken beauty pageant contestants together.  Bawk On!

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