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Annual Pullet Sale set for Saturday, October 14th


Our store carries chicks from mid-January through past Labor Day and we have sold out of baby chicks for the year. But many urban farmers are looking to add to their flock later in the fall. This is a good idea since chicks that are feathered out and ready to go into the coop in October are big enough to get ready for winter. These October pullets will go through their awkward teenage years, will have enough body weight and feathers when the nights get very cold, and they will be ready to lay just as the days begin to get longer.

Our annual pullet sale will once again be conducted by Emily’s Country Chickens. Our store has been working with Emily (and before her, brother David) for years. They treat their birds with care and generally have some very healthy chickens to choose from.

The sale will start when the store opens at 10:00. She has sold out in past years, so if you really want to add to your flock, you may want to arrive early. We will be passing out tickets so that the first person here gets the first choice of breeds. Birds are priced between $20-$25. Our store does not operate the sale but rather hosts the event, so bring a check or cash for Emily. Our store, of course, will have all the other things you need to raise healthy birds and we accept all forms of payment.

This year’s list of breeds is pretty simple. Ameraucana, Buff Orpington, Red Star (sexlink), and Silver Laced Wyandotte.

The Americauna is often mistakenly referred to as an Aracauna. The Araucana is rather rare and difficult to hatch. Araucanas are rumpless and almost always lay blue eggs and are recognized as an APA breed. The Ameraucana is sometimes referred to as the Easter Egger and is not recognized by the APA. They may or may not contain Araucana genes and can come in a variety of color patterns. They normally lay a blue or green egg, but sometimes can lay pink or white eggs. They are one of our best sellers due to the color of eggs.


The Buff Orpington is a handsome bird and one of the best backyard birds you can keep. They usually have a calm and friendly temperament and are considered a great family bird. In addition to being such a great bird to look at, they are good layers of large brown eggs. If you are looking for a calm and docile hen, the Buff is a great choice. They are recognized by the APA as a heritage bird.



The Red Star is one of many names for a Red Sexlink. Not a true breed, the sexlink is a cross between different breeds, usually being part Rhode Island Red. Sexlinks are bred for maximum egg production. In addition, they can often be properly sexed at hatch meaning the future hens and roosters have different colors. This reduces the possibility of ending up with an unwanted rooster. If you are looking lots of fresh eggs, the Red Star is for you.


The Silver Laced Wyandotte is the best of both worlds. They are great layers and they are stunning to look at. This is an APA recognized American heritage bird and does particularly well in cold temperatures. If you are looking for a hardy backyard bird that will provide plenty of eggs, the Wyandotte is for you.




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